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606-550-3124 Drum Sample Library

The Good Morning Audio 606-550-3124!
This is a Roland TR-606 clone recorded through an API 3124v preamp and API 5500 EQ directly into a Pro Tools HDX system at 88.2khz/24bit. 44.1khz/24bit and 44.1khz/16bit files are also
provided. From clean samples to high-gain
saturation and everything in between!
Kicks, snares, rim-shots, claps, hi-hats, cymbals and toms…
451 samples in all for a mere $5.00!


*There are no refunds for this product. After purchase you will be forwarded to a
direct download via Send Owl and receive other download links via email. You may
download this product five times with each purchase.

Download two FREE TAL-Sampler 606-550-3124 drum kits HERE:

Grab the Amazing TAL-Sampler HERE.

Demo 1 details: The 606-550-3124 Sample Pack (clean samples) loaded in TAL Sampler, Oberheim SEM and Prophet 6.

Demo 2 details: The 606-550-3124 Sample Pack (moderately saturated samples) loaded in TAL Sampler, Vermona 14 and Bass Station II.  Some reverb used on cymbals and snare.

Arrangements by Chvad SB.