RairBass999 Drum Sample Library

The Good Morning Audio RairBass999!
These are all of the preset drums from a long discontinued German drum synth. Recorded into a MOTU 828mk3 at 88.2khz/24bit. 44.1khz/24bit and 44.1khz/16bit files are also provided. This is one of my favorite all time drum synths! I did not design these sounds but as these instruments are getting older I wanted to record them for use in the event my unit ever failed. Having made them, I figured I’d share. There are 100 variations of each instrument. Note: Some variations are incredibly small. 2000 samples in all for a mere $5.00 FREE!


If you dig these samples and want to contribute something for my efforts, I’ve released a ton of music I’d love for more people to hear. Buy a record and you’ll make my day!
You can find most of my releases on Bandcamp here:
Chvad SB (solo releases. ambient, drone, noise)
Controlled Bleeding (Industrial, noise, pro, free-jazz, ambient, power electronics)
THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN (Industrial, rock, punk, noise)
Blood in Vain (Industrial, noise)
Tongue Muzzle (experimental, improvisational, spoken word, noise, industrial)
Mutant Yarmulkes (quirky, experimental, Residence-like)


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