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606-550-3124 Drum Sample Library

The Good Morning Audio 606-550-3124!
This is a Roland TR-606 clone recorded through an API 3124v preamp and API 5500 EQ directly into a Pro Tools HDX system at 88.2khz/24bit. 44.1khz/24bit and 44.1khz/16bit files are also
provided. From clean samples to high-gain saturation and everything in between! Kicks, snares, rim-shots, claps, hi-hats, cymbals and toms…
451 samples in all for $5.00! FREE!


Demo 1 details: The 606-550-3124 Sample Pack (clean samples) loaded in TAL Sampler, Oberheim SEM and Prophet 6.

Demo 2 details: The 606-550-3124 Sample Pack (moderately saturated samples) loaded in TAL Sampler, Vermona 14 and Bass Station II.  Some reverb used on cymbals and snare.

Arrangements by Chvad SB.

If you dig these samples and want to contribute something for my efforts, I’ve released a ton of music I’d love for more people to hear. Buy a record and you’ll make my day!
You can find most of my releases on Bandcamp here:
Chvad SB (solo releases. ambient, drone, noise)
Controlled Bleeding (Industrial, noise, pro, free-jazz, ambient, power electronics)
THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN (Industrial, rock, punk, noise)
Blood in Vain (Industrial, noise)
Tongue Muzzle (experimental, improvisational, spoken word, noise, industrial)
Mutant Yarmulkes (quirky, experimental, Residence-like)