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Master Fader, creating

Good Morning Audio!
This morning we learn how to create a Master Fader in Avid Pro Tools. In this example I create a stereo master fader. Generally speaking, if I’m creating a product meant to be listened to by the average consumer I create a stereo file. Having a stereo master fader will allow you monitor your stereo mix and will allow you to bounce that mix in stereo when the project is completed. If I’m creating a mix or edit that isn’t going directly to a consumer (ie: another producer or editor) I’ll create a master fader based upon the number of channels the rest of the production team needs (mono, stereo or other).

The Good Morning Audio! guide:
Red Blips = left click of mouse
Green Blips = right click of the mouse
Keyboard Shortcuts are displayed along the bottom.

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This video was created using Reaper 5.